Who we are

We are editors, journalists, writers, communication specialists, social media experts, publishers, content managers, IT specialists, graphic designers, scientists, and explorers with the core belief that content matters.

Our founders, Erica Rolfe and Cees Walen, began collaborating on a number of web projects in 1995, for the earliest websites of the European Space Agency’s Science missions. In response to the growing demand for web content development, we formalized that partnership in 1999, combining the editorial and journalistic skills of EJR Publications with the IT skills of Quartz Consultancy.

Our multinational team combines editorial expertise with a sound understanding of the underlying web technologies. With years of experience, we know what works, what’s a fad, and what’s here to stay. But above all, we know that it all starts when you have something to say. We can help you say it – clearly, effectively, dynamically. Here’s how.