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Marco ValentiniMarco Valentini
  5 July 2016

ESA_Portal1The ESA Portal is Europe’s most recognised  space portal. This news-driven site presents European space to the public in an approachable way. In a virtual newsroom, our EJR-Quartz editors and writers work with graphic artists and ESA content owners, spread across multiple locations in a number of countries. We played an integral role in the creation and running of the ESA Portal since its launch in 2000.





What we do:

  • ESA Portal sitesWe have developed the content for most of the sites which fall under the ESA Portal umbrella and we continue to maintain these. These include all the ESA Directorate-level sites: Earth Observation, Human Spaceflight, Industry, Launchers, Navigation, Spacecraft Engineering and Technology, Spacecraft Operations, Space Science and Telecommunications.
  • We script and produce videos, such as the weekly ‘Earth from Space’ web-TV from space
  • For every launch or similar major event, we provide additional coverage, including a dedicated web ‘special’ and/or blog and social media support.
  • We manage the main ESA social media channels, including Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Facebook and YouTube. We also support ESA astronauts with their social media activities.
  • We support any other writing and editing needs for ESA’s Communications Department, such as the ESA Bulletin, mission brochures and exhibition material.


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