Science communication: from website to workshop

Linda CarretteLinda Carrette
  8 June 2018

Communication is our area of expertise, and we have an entire team of experts dedicated to communicating for our clients, but are we as good at talking about what we do as a company?

Giving a 15-minute presentation to the general public in Leiden, the Netherlands was my chance to find out!

The office building that we share with other teams of communicators and graphics designers celebrated its 10th anniversary last week, and all of the companies located here were invited to give a small presentation about their work.

With help from my colleagues, I decided to put together a short video, showcasing some of the footage that EJR-Quartz has produced for our clients over the years. I was amazed at the range of projects our team has been involved with. The video soon  became a two-minute homage to the brilliant work of our clients, work that we are proud to support.

We transformed our office into a veritable ‘exhibition’ with snacks and entertainment, and ESA kindly lent us  Dutch astronaut André Kuijpers (‘flat André’) to welcome visitors to  our stand. As the doors opened to our building I felt some apprehension, but this soon disappeared as I started my presentation and visitors began to stop and listen, and seemed keen to find out more.

Watch the video and let us know what you think here in the comments or on Twitter @ejrquartz.