Living Planet 2016: EJR-Quartz at the largest Earth Observation conference

Laylan SaadaldinLaylan Saadaldin
  23 June 2016

The European Space Agency’s Living Planet Symposium is not to be missed. This triennial event brings together over 3,000 participants presenting scientific findings based on satellite data.

This year Living Planet was held in Prague on 9-13 May with EJR-Quartz’s Earth observation editors Honora Rider (of ESTEC) and Kelsea Brennan-Wessels (of ESRIN) on site writing, publishing, filming, and tweeting the latest in EO results.

With an event on this scale, preparation is key. Our editors assisted by preparing hard-copy brochures for the event that included display copy, panel outlines, and other promotional material. On site in Prague, Honora and Kelsea set up camp in the organiser’s office and quickly got to work. In addition to attending sessions, they wrote and published daily web articles and images based on key scientific findings presented at the Symposium.

Our ‘EO gal’ Kelsea also conducted daily video interviews with leading Earth observations scientists in attendance. Both ladies also manned the Tweet decks to provide Twitter coverage throughout the week-long event.

Aside from all the fascinating presentations on the latest results from Earth-observing satellites and remote sensing techniques, the Symposium was a wonderful opportunity for our editors to connect with the EO community and to network with new researchers for future Earth observation features.

Honora and Kelsea did a wonderful job covering the largest Earth observation conference in the world and had a great time doing it. We look forward to the next Living Planet Symposium!