Landing on a comet

Emily BaldwinEmily Baldwin
  15 February 2016

On 12 November, the robotic lander Philae separated from the comet-chaser Rosetta and descended onto the surface comet 67P, and into the history books. EJR-Quartz has supported the European Space Agency (ESA) and the DLR German Aerospace Center (DLR) with digital and print coverage of Rosetta and Philae.

Rosetta_Wake-up_signal_cheer_node_full_image_2Throughout the Rosetta mission, we have managed Rosetta’s dedicated online media channels for ESA and contributed to the Rosetta press pack and ESA Bulletin special edition.

For DLR we have assisted with related articles in the DLR Magazine and also support their social media campaign in English.

On the day of the landing event itself, our team was onsite at ESA’s Operations Centre in Germany supporting public engagement of Rosetta with real-time news and updates across the agency’s communication channels, as well as translating Philae news from DLR and adapting it for an international audience.

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