German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Marco ValentiniMarco Valentini
  4 July 2016

dlrThe DLR Portal serves as a major source of German space news and information. It addresses several different audiences – the general public, media, politicians, the scientific community, and young people. A key function of the Portal is to direct these different audiences to the right place. EJR-Quartz supplies English-language editorial services and social media support for the DLR Portal English language pages.

What we do:

English-language edition of the DLR Magazine.

English-language edition of the DLR Magazine.

  • We translate and edit content for the English-language DLR site, including news articles and highlights.
  • We are also responsible for translating and editing the English edition of the DLR Magazine and write occasional original feature articles.
  • We provide additional services such as promotion, statistical analysis, and development of small animations.
  • We manage the DLR’s English-language social media channels, including X, Facebook, and Instagram.

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