Extra, extra! The latest DLRmagazine is out!

Georgie CollinsGeorgie Collins
  9 September 2019

The latest edition of the DLRmagazine, the German Aerospace Center’s modern science communications publication, is now available – with a little help from us!  EJR-Quartz is responsible for the English edition of this publication.  

The second DLR Magazine of 2019 has the title ‘Light as air and versatile’ and contains articles highlighting several interesting aspects of interest in modern science. DLR Magazine 161 features the work of innovative scientists both at the laboratory and outside of it. Within the lab, there is a portrait of Barbara Millow and her work with high-tech aerogels. Outside of the lab there is focus on the Schorndorf ‘Real-Word Laboratory’ which tests a digitally supported ‘on-demand bus’ in the real world! 

Further to this, the ‘Green lung in the eternal ice’ article focuses on a closed-loop system for cultivating plants that could be used for long-term space travel and future establishments on other planets. Another article, ‘The Solar System within arm’s reach’ highlights the benefits of virtual reality technology for planning space missions.

But there’s much more! We offer a ‘Tribute to Apollo’, which summarises the Moon landing anniversary and what has happened since and some recommended reads.

Curious? Subscribe to the DLRmagazine to receive it on your doorstep free of charge. If you’d rather read it online, the Magazine is available as a flipbook and can also be downloaded as a PDF.