Extra, extra! The latest DLRmagazine is out!

Sarah LeachSarah Leach
  25 May 2021

The latest edition of the DLRmagazine, the German Aerospace Center’s modern science communications publication, is now available – with a little help from us! EJR-Quartz is responsible for the English edition of this publication.

The first DLRmagazine of 2021 – ‘The sky is the limit’ – contains articles highlighting the importance of thoughts and ideas for the advancement of science, and how digitalisation is making this possible. DLRmagazine 167 features the work of innovative scientists both in the laboratory and outside of it. Despite travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, DLR researchers are thinking about how we can travel more safely and comfortably from A to B, whether by air or on the road. They are looking into improved and safe cabin designs, as well as the automated transport systems of the future.

Further to this, the topic of digitalisation also plays an important role in this issue. What are the advantages and challenges of virtual flight tests and to what extent do they match the effectiveness of their real-life counterparts? DLR researchers have long been working on the question of where we still need experiments and what we can do faster and more economically using computers.

But there’s much more! This year, DLR celebrates the 60th anniversary of its Stuttgart site. And, can you believe that 60 years have passed since the first human spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin? In this edition of the DLRmagazine, German ESA astronaut Reinhold Ewald takes us to Star City and Baikonur, to ‘relive’ that historic day.

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