EJR-Quartz at ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

Laylan SaadaldinLaylan Saadaldin
  14 June 2016

EJR-Quartz’s Karin Ranero Celius, lead English Editor for the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and photographer Alejandro Morellon Acosta attended the 2016 ILA Berlin Air Show held on 1-4 June. In the run up to ILA, EJR-Quartz translated, edited, and created texts for DLR exhibits and stand guides, as well as other promotional material. We also produced the English-language special ILA issue of the DLR Magazine for distribution at the Air Show.

During the event, EJR-Quartz was on-site providing further editorial and communications support. Alongside German DLR colleagues, we produced English-language digital content for social media (@DLR_en, DLR Facebook, Google +, and Flickr) and translated, edited and published German press releases, with support from headquarters in Leiden. We also documented DLR’s presence at ILA through photos and captions posted to Twitter and Flickr and provided additional communication support as needed.

Many important collaborations were signed and sealed during ILA, most notably DLR’s extended collaboration with NASA to run the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). The joint venture was renewed at ILA, with administrators of both agencies present to celebrate the partnership. Our quick, live coverage of the signing resulted in huge international response to the news.

EJR-Quartz is honoured to have been a part of DLR’s success at ILA 2016, and we look forward to attending the next Berlin Air Show in 2018.