ECMWF Copernicus

Laylan SaadaldinLaylan Saadaldin
  1 July 2016

ECMWF, based in Reading, UK, is an independent intergovernmental research institute and operational service that provides numerical weather predictions to its Member States. ECMWF has been appointed by the European Commission to implement the Copernicus Climate Change and Atmosphere Monitoring Services, under the EU’s flagship Earth-observation programme Copernicus.

From January 2017, EJR-Quartz is assisting the ECMWF Copernicus Services communication team achieve their goals of reporting scientific information and complex data findings to the wider community of scientists, policy makers, industry, SMEs, and the media. We are collaborating with the Copernicus communication team at ECMWF to help increase the visibility of the Copernicus Services programme and the important research it undertakes.