Design matters: Science Office joins EJR-Quartz

Georgie CollinsGeorgie Collins
  11 June 2019

After six years of close collaboration, we are delighted to announce that EJR-Quartz and the Science Office are now one. By bringing the Science Office’s expert graphics and video skills under our umbrella, EJR-Quartz is now able to offer a complete package of top-quality science communication services entirely in house.

The team at the Science Office have years of experience transforming complex scientific concepts and data into images and animations that illuminate and engage audiences, whatever their age and background. Over the years, they have worked with EJR-Quartz on a range of content, animations featuring the ESA Education mascot, Paxi, to the new Hera video being released for Asteroid Day 2019.

Signed and sealed in early May, the acquisition is the start of an exciting new chapter for EJR-Quartz. With even more creative minds in the mix, we’re better placed than ever to deliver end-to-end communication solutions built on content that matters.