Cradling change in Athens

Laylan SaadaldinLaylan Saadaldin
  2 November 2017

What’s the hardest part about planning a company workshop when your team is scattered across Europe, from Netherlands, UK, and Germany to Italy? As it turns out, it’s deciding on a location that isn’t any one of those countries.

Hello, Greece! EJR-Quartz headed to Athens for a workshop that took stock of how far we’ve come as a company and the changing tides of digital communications.

Since Lisbon

 Since the last company workshop in Lisbon 2013, EJR-Quartz has grown. Nine new team members, new clients, and new projects for existing clients have kept us on our toes.

We’ve helped ESA and DLR land on a comet. We’ve been to Mars with ESA and covered the launch of 5 Copernicus Sentinels; not to mention supporting hundreds of live events, written more 10 000 article and posting hundreds of thousands of social media updates. We have expanded our editorial support for DLR, not only publishing 12 magazines but managing thousands of translations and winning a social media award for the Philae campaign. We’ve been to the bottom of the ocean with DexROV, the EU Horizon 2020-funded autonomous subsea robot and welcomed new client ECMWF Copernicus Services.

We’ve continued to grow and adapt to the times and the needs of our clients. But to make sure we’re still ahead of the curve, we went back to “the lab” to test our adaptability and teamwork.

Content Lab

Every workshop boasts a team-building activity that everyone privately hopes won’t bore the socks off them. The Content Lab, a team-building activity designed to get everyone thinking outside the box, did just the opposite.

Combining gameshow thrills like wildcards and countdown clocks with inspiring questions and real world scenarios, our team got creative, worked better together and left inspired. We call that a win-win!

Stay tuned for more on Content Lab and how to design an effective team building activity.


But we didn’t spend all day indoors brain-storming. The best team building usually happens after hours. With local knowledge from spacetweep friends Angie and Efimia, we enjoyed dinner at some of Athens’ hot spots and finished with a tour of the Acropolis, where we managed a team photo of mythic proportions.

Thank you, Athens! We look forward to coming back very soon.