Rute Pereira

Social media editor for Earth Observation

Rute Pereira joined EJR-Quartz on 1 February 2023 as Social Media Editor for ESA Earth Observation. She holds a degree in Chemistry (2016), a master’s in Biomedical Materials and Devices (2018), and a PhD in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (2024), accounting for eight years of experience in academic research.

Rute’s path on science communication started when she created her personal Instagram page called “amazing chemist”, which led to a digital project focused on helping and inspiring the next generation of Portuguese scientists. She fell in love with Digital Marketing and Storytelling, so during her PhD she also attended courses on Content Creation for Digital Platforms, Photography, Sound and Video Production.

Nowadays Rute spends her most of her (working) hours reading scientific articles and turning them into engaging videos for social media, which is something she really loves doing. Off-screen, she loves being at the beach, spending time with her family and her four-legged furry friend, Tobias.

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