Chica Carrette

Chief Happiness Officer

Our Chief Happiness Officer is responsible for team morale, stress management and reception duties, in particular visitor welcome and mail monitoring.

Chica has been with EJR-Quartz since 2015 and is usually to be found at our Headquarters in Leiden.

She helps staff maintain work-life balance and makes sure to set a good example. While she is excited to arrive at the office every morning, she’s equally excited to start her walk home. She also gladly reminds everyone else it’s time to leave for the day.

Throughout the day she reminds all staff to take frequent breaks to stretch their legs and move around, including by starting impromptu games. She’s also a master of supporting staff morale by making everyone in the office feel welcomed, valued and essential. If someone is having a difficult day she is always available to give some supportive attention.

Chica keeps a close eye on the canteen’s cleanliness and makes sure anything on the floor, even crumbs, are cleaned up immediately.

Prior to joining EJR-Quartz, Chica’s primary roles were more focused on childhood and family support, a field she still works in voluntarily outside of work hours. Besides that her hobbies include walking, playing games and snuggling on the sofa watching TV.