Cees Walen

Managing Director

Cees, co-Director of EJR-Quartz, has 30 years of IT experience and oversees all aspects of website development.

Prior to the formation of EJR-Quartz Cees spent a year in Gabon with Shell Information and Technology Services as Portfolio Manager for Intranet and IT requirements for geomatics, health, security and environment. He was previously a systems administrator in ESA Science, where he began working with Erica on early websites for ESA Science missions such as Huygens and Cluster. From 1985 to 1988 Cees worked as programmer/analyst and then Systems Administrator for Rijksdienst voor de Ijselmeerpolders (RIJP), Lelystad, the Netherlands. Cees holds a BSc in geology and statistics from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.