Our Milestones

Jun 2015 Launch of the DexRov website, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 DexROV project
Jun 2015 EJR-Quartz BV moves to larger offices new within the Nieuw Energie building
Jan 2015 EJR-Quartz signs up as communication partner for DexROV
Dec 2014 EJR-Quartz provides year-long support for ESA Rosetta social media campaign
Dec 2014 EJR-Quartz wins new four-year DLR contract
Feb 2014 Kick-off of a further three-year contract with ESA for editorial support
Feb 2013 EJR-Quartz wins three year contract with ESA’s General Studies Programme for editorial support
Dec 2012 Launch of new ESA Portal
Feb 2011 EJR-Quartz Leiden office moves to 3e Binnenvestgracht
Jun 2010 Responsible for editing the English edition of DLR Magazine, the German Aerospace Center’s (DLR) flagship publication
Feb 2010 Relaunch of ESA’s Eduspace website
Oct 2009 Launch of ESA’s Earth Observation Proposal Upload System (EOPUS)
Oct 2008 EJR-Quartz wins further three-year contract with ESA for editorial support
Jul 2008 The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) renews contract with EJR-Quartz to provide editorial services for their web portal
Apr 2008 Launch of the ZFscreens website, developed for ZF-screens in the Netherlands.
Feb 2008 The Columbus Mission special is maintained for ESA by EJR-Quartz
Dec 2007 Website for the International Institute of Space Law
Nov 2007 EJR-Quartz begins blog support for ESA with the Columbus Mission blog
Nov 2007 EJR-Quartz has provided a Content Management System (CMS) for the Cosine website
Jun 2006 The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) launches new website, developed by EJR-Quartz and Maris Technologies
Mar 2006 Launch of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) new English portal
Jan 2006 Contract for editorial support to the International Astronautical Federation awarded in international tender
Aug 2005 Kick-off of editorial support for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) English portal
Jul 2005 Contract signed with DLR to develop their English Portal
May 2005 Launch of the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) website, developed and maintained for IFSI/INAF in Italy
Mar 2005 Kick-off of a three-year contract with ESA for Publishing Services for the Communications Department
Feb 2005 Launch of ESA’s Technical Directorate website
Jan 2005 Web coverage of Cassini-Huygens mission, including the Huygens landing on Titan
Jan 2005 Formation of EJR-Quartz srl
Dec 2004 Launch of ESA kids site in 6 languages
Dec 2004 Contract awarded by IFSI/INAF to develop and maintain PFS website
Jul 2004 First contract in Germany, ESA’s Spacecraft Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt
Dec 2003 Coverage of ESA’s Mars Express mission
Oct 2003 Coverage of Pedro Duque’s mission to the International Space Station (3 languages)
Sep 2003 Contract for editorial support for ESA Science directorate won in competitive tender
Jul 2003 Opening of the new EJR-Quartz office at Pieterskerkhof 4
May 2003 Kick-off of work to develop ESA’s new Technical Directorate website
Mar 2003 Three-year contract to provide web-related support for GAIA project
Apr 2002 EJR-Quartz wins three-year contract for the ESA Portal, in competitive tender
Feb 2002 Italian Subsidiary (EJR-Quartz Italy) incorporated
Nov 2001 EJR-Quartz incorporated as a Dutch BV
Oct 2001 ESA’s Living Planet website launched
Sep 2001 Two-year contract to supply a technical author for ESA’s Concurrent Design Facility
Oct 2000 ESA Portal – www.esa.int – launched
Apr 2000 ESA Science homepage launched
Feb 2000 ESA Portal project begins
Mar 1999 Formation of EJR-Quartz vof
Feb 1997 Start of project to create an integrated ESA Science website
Jun 1996 First collaborative project between EJR Publications and Quartz Consultancy – ESA’s Cluster mission webpages, followed by Huygens, Rosetta and Cluster II