A selection of latest happenings at EJR-Quartz.

Karin Ranero CeliusKarin Ranero Celius
  28 July 2016

Say goodbye to Philae

12 November 2014 – a remarkable day for humankind.  For the first time ever, we landed a robot on the […]

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Lisa GuilpainLisa Guilpain
  18 March 2016


We are the communication and dissemination partner for DexROV, a project to make underwater operations easier and more flexible through […]

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Emily BaldwinEmily Baldwin
  15 February 2016

Landing on a comet

On 12 November, the robotic lander Philae separated from the comet-chaser Rosetta and descended onto the surface comet 67P, and […]

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Karin Ranero CeliusKarin Ranero Celius
  24 January 2016

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

EJR-Quartz provides editorial services for the DLR Portal English language pages. DLR relaunched its Portal in 2005 and started to […]

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